AlphaOne® Health And OHS Workshops


The Scene...

AlphaOne run a series of Health Forums as part of their workplace health and productivity programs. These are conducted onsite and each session has posters to advertise the upcoming forums and  handouts are given to participants during the forums.

As part of their business, the materials they use, the way in which they display information and the impact those 
materials have on their participants are key players when it comes to achieving outcomes.

Before Visual Strategies took on this project the Health Forum collateral was simply not achieving these outcomes and needed to evolve.
The Strategy...
Visual Strategies was integral in identifying the initial look and feel, the strategy and direction AlphaOne's material and presence should have - and that was new and exciting and that integrated rather than leave behind the brand awareness that had emerged over the years.

After gaining a real understanding of the target audience (predominately blue-collar workers with a male skew), Visual Strategies set about designing the handouts and posters.

The Graphics...

The new look and feel was rolled out across multiple Health Forum handouts and posters. The Corporate Identity colours were used producing 2 colour handouts. This was much more cost effective to print rather than full colour. Through clever use of shades and design the illusion of more than 2 colours was achieved resulting in dynamic looking handouts.

Posters were full colour and a template was designed and typographic style for headlines applied to again bring continuity and distinction and therefore increase brand recall. Each Health Forum presented a different quirky ‘hook’ to relate to the target audience and communicate the key message clearly.

The Content...

Their extensive use of clip art was abandoned and Visual Strategies created illustrations instead, improving clarity of the message, a distinctive look and this also created strong continuity (still maintaining 2 colour print).

Wordy and dense copy was broken up with photography selected by Visual Strategies and all brought together by applying consistent styles to each photo.

The Outcome...

Client feedback: “A key value Visual Strategies offered was their project management abilities and prompt completion, often in the face of tight and demanding deadlines”.

The handouts were well received by participants and the proof was in the pudding – there were less handouts left on seats at the end of sessions! AlphaOne’s message was getting through!

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