A new packaging system for NeuSolutions


Bringing NeuSolution's range of Cleaning Solutions into the here and now


The Ozona and NeuClean range of cleaning and Odour Management solutions are not only brilliant products - they are used by some of the largest global brands here in Australia and in select overseas markets.

BUT the packaging design of the range was simply looking tired, out-dated, unprofessional and was not doing justice for the products' calibre (right), particularly in comparison to their competitors in the marketplace. (predominately global brands) 

Visual Strategies have been working with NeuSolutions for quite a few years now and the re-launch of their core ranges: Ozona (Odour Management Systems) and NeuClean (Cleaning Solutions) was one of the 'must do' items on our to-do list!

Our first project was to update their branding - developing a new Corporate Identity for NeuSolutions (pictured above the new packaging). Once this was established we needed to address their product lines, the branding strategy and then the packaging design itself.

The Ozona and NeuClean products are a commercial range of odour management and cleaning solutions that are sold direct to commercial businesses and also to other resellers, so therefore we were not dealing with a consumer product that requires on-shelf presence at point-of-sale.

Visual Strategies felt the best option was to roll out all the product lines for NeuSolutions under 'company branding' (NeuSolutions new brand) as this ultimately strengthens the company brand equity (particularly as it was new) and involves using the new icon/graphics on the label while implementing ‘generic type’ for each product type (skew).

In the old packaging system there was no consistent corporate brand and different brands for each product line that didn't encompass the company's core values. The one aspect we did take from the old packaging line was using a colour coding system to clearly differentiate each product and this was going to be more important now each product type was sitting under the corporate brand. (the differentiation of cleaning products on-shelf in context of usage was also important for safety reasons).

The 'company branding' strategy was also applied to the Ozona range (left) of products with a visual 'difference' graphically so that the Ozona range still looked part of the 'NeuSolutions family' but different to the NeuClean range.

With new objectives for the positioning of NeuSolutions and dynamic growth for the company - it made sense to now move forward with promotion of NeuSolutions as a complete Odour Management and Cleaning Innovations provider for the commercial market rather than trying to build up the equity of 3 different brands that would simply dilute the effectiveness of one another.



Visual Strategies set about designing a Master Template that could accommodate over 30 different products! No easy feat! Economies for print production also were a factor for us to consider.

The Ozona range also required a position for a 'scent type' decal to be placed on the packs post print. (ie. Vanilla, Apple etc). Hence the incorporation of a subtle circle pictured (above, right) so the labels could be used for all different scent variations and also be consistent with decal placement.

We also integrated commercial EAN Barcodes on the labels so NeuSolutions could integrate a much more efficient stock control system in the near future.

Our client: NeuSolutions have been very pleased with the new labelling system, branding and visual presense of their products. The labels are being rolled out across their range right now.

If you would like assistance with establishing the best way to manage your brand, sub-brands, product lines and packaging please do not hesitate to contact Visual Strategies.