Are you a small business who doesn’t want to be left behind?


Now more than ever, small businesses are flocking online. Many don't realize that taking a moment to identify how their business will benefit from a website, can mean the difference between a website that fails and one that delivers results!

There are websites and then there are websites that integrate key business functions that enable a website to become an integral part of your business success. We like to call them Online Businesses.

What are you hoping to achieve for your business by having a website? What online tools will you require to achieve these goals?

Now many small business owners may clearly know the answer to the first question but have no idea where to start with the second question. You can get tools for email marketing, shopping carts or CRM solutions and Content Management Solutions anywhere. But then you need to cobble them together! It all sounds rather complicated, costly and time consuming. Our Online Business Websites solution is built from scratch designed for all aspects to interact and complement each other. Something to consider...

To have a presence online is simply not enough these days. Brochure websites may have their place but if you really want your website to work for you then here are some of the things you need to consider and some solutions we can offer:

  • How will your site generate more leads? Your website and email marketing can do this
  • How will your site cut through the noise and be heard? You could use RSS And blogs effectively to raise your profile
  • How will you build communities? You could use blogs, forums, and RSS to build communities around your business
  • How can you improve customer service? You can automate mundane tasks and get the system to remind you to follow up on leads
  • Could you automate customer loyalty building tasks to save time? Yes you could build one on one relationships with automated loyalty campaigns – e.g. email on customer birthday
  • How could you make sales through your website? Take your products online

Here at Visual Strategies we take a moment to listen to your needs, plans and goals and work with you to clearly identify your strategy to drive business online. The next step is designing creative and cutting-edge graphics that present your brand identity authentically with a handful of valuable online business tools at our fingertips that we can apply to your business website!

Now is this really achievable for small businesses on a small business budget? Absolutely! Our Online Business Console system is very cost effective – you don’t need to pay for extensive and expensive programming for tool applications that have already been developed.

  • If you would like to talk to us about how we can get your business online... or how we could improve your current website to make it work effectively for your business, give us a call.
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