Content is vital but a third of marketers don't have a strategy


The content benchmarking report 2015... 

(An exclusive report divided into six main sections: strategy and objectives, content creation, publishing, results and ROI, culture and challenges and skills) has revealed an alarming trend amongst B2B marketers. 

They know that content is important (in fact 99% of B2B marketers believe it is) yet 31% of these marketers are not putting in place a strategy for there inbound marketing efforts.  

Social media streams are crowded with content and consumers attention spans continue to deplete meaning that brands who attempt to engage their audience with ad hoc pieces of content and fail to analyse the effectiveness of their content, tweak, change and revise as needed are sure to fail at achieving any sustainable success.

In order to approach content marketing with confidence, businesses need a detailed and well thought-out content marketing strategy. Data, analysis, personalisation and learning from past successes and failures are all equally as important as producing and sharing good quality pieces of content. If marketing teams don’t know why they are producing content, they cannot be expected to deliver content with consistency.

Here at Visual Strategies in our brand building and brand management activities we continue to advocate the absolute essential practise of planning a formal strategy for your content and implementing ongoing practises to review, test, tweak and change as required to maximise ROI. 

Your inbound activities in marketing for B2B companies are particularly important. The nature of B2B buyers is such that they do a lot of research and analysis (particularly online) prior to making a purchase decision, and the buying cycle can be weeks or months.  So in order to 'be there', 'get seen' and have quality leads engage with your brand - you require compelling, relevant content that is consistently holding up your brand's values and promise to nurture the lead towards a 'sales decision'. 

So if 99% of B2B marketers agree content is important yet 31% have no formal strategy for their content in place… what is stopping them?

One could assume that the 31% of B2B marketers failing to implement a formal content strategy could be because of the increasing demand for content (online) yet lack of time to plan and generate it - let alone reviewing post data analysis and customer interactions with their content! Also the nature of how customers use the internet continues to change and with the rapid developments in technology, staying up to date and abreast of all the various channels, software, apps, technology can be overwhelming. 

This is where Visual Strategies can help B2B marketers in setting clear goals for their brand, helping them to truly understand their target audiences and become customer centric. Through planning, strategising and creativity - compose a content strategy and practises that can over time - deliver effective results! 

What we ask of our clients is collaboration - it requires commitment and consistency to deliver sustainable results and this cannot be achieved for B2B marketers that fail on this (even with our help!). 

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