Do you really understand the value of your businesses’ Brand?


How do you represent in the marketplace? 

This is not the first question you would anticipate someone to ask you about your business is it? You would anticipate something like…

What does your business do?

Further to this I would ask…

What do customers think of your business on first impressions?  

What do your current customers think of your business? 

How do you deal with negative feedback about your business? Do you ignore it or try to hide it? 

The reason I ask these questions is because all of these things have a direct impact on your sales.

If you are a business owner focused on ‘what you do’ and telling others ‘what you do’ it is time to rethink this from your customers’ perspective.

After all – to answer the number one question in a customers’ mind: “Why do business with you?” you will need a whole lot more than a description of what you do to win them over.

In order to get the right answers to these questions that I ask here (and optimise sales for your business) you need a highly valued brand! Simple really! Well for people like me - living in the world of brand development and management.

It may surprise you how many business owners fail to understand the importance of implementing a sound brand strategy. Not just for their corporate identity but throughout every element of their business to achieve success, growth and market leadership. 

Moreover in an age where a significant (huge!) number of people on the planet have all brands at their fingertips 24/7 - I cannot stress just how important it is!

Consider that you and your sales person/s are just individuals that probably work a standard (or close to) working week. Are you available to sell and reinforce the value of your brand at any time, any day, 24/7? Not always available, I would anticipate….

But your brand can be.

Your brand – not just the ‘face’ of your business such as your logo, I am talking about your brand in its entirety. This includes:

  • your promise to customers,
  • your businesses personality and values
  • the expectations you set for what customers can anticipate from doing business with you,
  • your products / services (from the look, price, place, purpose, performance, profile, experience and proof)
  • your reputation - what other customers have to say about you
  • even what your customers experience post purchase (customer relationships and servicing)

Each of these bullet points along with your visual branding (corporate ID, logos, icons etc) are just as important as one another. And this is why I am such a firm believer in ‘Integrated Marketing’ and being proactive with your ‘Brand Management’.

If you were to ask me what is the most important thing about your website? I would say it is your branding.

After highlighting a brand in its entirety here – you are probably agreeing with me a whole lot more!

Now just getting back to my point about the high volume of people now seeking and interacting with brands and other customers’ online:

  • doing their research,
  • forming their purchase decisions pre-sale,
  • making pre-sales enquiries
  • making their purchases
  • forming associations with your brand (positive/negative)
  • building rapport
  • and sharing their post-purchase experiences

You may suddenly be seeing how important it is for you to have an integrated brand strategy for not just your website – but as many touch-points you can create and control both online and off-line.

Remember that you want to answer that question on customers lips; “Why do business with you?” 

Here are Visual Strategiesintegrated Brand Specialists – we will show you how to do this across multiple touch-points that your customers can potentially have with your brand!


Louise Sykes

Visual Strategies