End of financial year is approaching... how is your business performing?


Is your marketing working??

If you haven't already - in the next couple weeks you may be 'taking stock' of the financial year that was...

I know myself that I am often busy doing business and running the business that it can be challenging to find time to take a step out of my business and objectively review its performance and what results we are obtaining from our efforts. Perhaps if you are not doing this right now... your accountant/financial advisor is for you??

Marketing your business should really be an all year round activity - just as your accounting, finance, operations and selling are. I come across many businesses that seem to overlook marketing and focus purely on selling or dabble in some marketing activities now and then. What's the problem with that? ...you may ask ...well let's reconsider what is marketing? There are many definitions around. I like to refer to one of the marketing guru's, P. Kotler:

"Marketing in its true form begins with an insight into consumers’ needs, continues with a development of a product or service that satisfies those needs, communicates this solution to the target market, then delivers the product/service to the market via efficient channels. It’s all basic stuff that we’re familiar with, right?

So how is it that we often get caught up with simply selling, rather than marketing? Why are we just trying to flog our market what we’ve got rather than finding out first what they want?"

Definitions such as this one are kept close to our hearts as we focus on building strategic marketing and design communication. Obviously the product/service firstly has to fulfil a market need and also there is no point having a 'pretty' or 'funky' logo/brand or website with all the bells and wistles if it is simply missing the mark (your target audience) and not fulfilling their needs. No sales or customer relationships result from that.

Here at VS, we put your customer at the heart of our plans. Yes we do consider what you like and dislike and what your competitors are up to... but we are focusing on 'who is your customer?'. 'Who has a need for your product/service?' and 'what do they like/dislike?' and 'how do we relate to them?'. We work out 'how to speak your target customers' language' so to speak and communicate this through our design.

We receive alot of positive feedback from our clients and I truly believe that we achieve this by successfully capturing our clients' key target audience with effective and professional design communication. This in-turn is satisfying our own clients' needs of solid business performance!

If you haven't already - for the new financial year (or this FY, what is left of it!!!)... implement marketing activities that will deliver results.

Work with professional marketing and graphic designers to deliver engaging, relevant and compelling creative design for your: corporate identity; stationery; logos; brochures; websites; email marketing; signage etc. (all points of interaction that your customers have with your business) and don't forget - be open to evolving your businesses products and services to maximise your target audiences' satisfaction.

May your business achieve your goals and be empowered by evolving and engaging your customers!

Director, Visual Strategies

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