Happy New Year - the 1st month of what will be a great year


A New Year, the chance for renewal and review

Happy New Year to all our colleagues, clients and friends. Visual Strategies has gotten off to a great start this year with new clients and new projects well underway. 

A New Year can be a chance to plan ahead, review our goals and set new resolutions! 

We are currently developing our Case Studies showcase that hopefully will be live on our site next Month. A couple of projects will start off the case studies showcase with more to follow soon. We will also be revamping our Portfolio section where a larger showcase of our work will be displayed. 

Greatest Asset are a specialist health, wellbeing and lifestyle improvement company. They deliver online learning, networked fitness centre access, behaviour change and lifestyle improvement interventions to health plans, corporate clients, health professionals and more.

Visual Strategies has conducted many projects with this group including AlphaOne, Lifestyle Medicine, ALMA, Lifestyle Improvement Program, Professor Trim and Code of Fitness. We have also assisted with joint promotions with MBF, Guy Leech World of Fitness and New Idea. 

We welcome you to check out some of the projects we have worked on including the Code of Fitness website and Lifestyle Medicine website.

If you are interested in learning more about our online and website design and development services, please contact us. 

May your New Year resolutions already be in action!

Visual Strategies