Instragram's new 'Ad Business' means alot for BRANDS!


Recently Instragram has launched a new 'advertising solution' to help brands achieve greater effective marketing by adding in external links like 'Learn More' and 'Buy Now'.

This new 'Ad Business Solution' has been added within the existing Instragram interface and it allows Brands a much finer scope of whom their advertising posts are reaching. 

Garett Sloane from Adweek's Report states:

"The ad design has been all about customizing commercial content that blends as much as possible with the rest of people’s photo feeds without disrupting the experience too much".

Though 'attention' to sponsored material on Instragram may be brief if not fleeting... it can be enough to create a conversion. If you consider the motivation and activity flow on Instagram it is driven by 'influencers' and 'trends', that are folllowed by consumers that aspire to these influencers on various categories including: health and beauty tips; entrepreneurship in business or investing;  to niche diet guides and emerging fashion trends, fitness etc. 

Instagram influencers reflect what consumers want to see and want to be... so now consider this last statement from a 'marketers point of view'...

The process evolving here by Instagram’s ad business facilitates: The simple association between a brand and an influencer, translating an unfamiliar product to an aspirational product; Instagram’s integrated external links seal the deal and make the sale.

Brands, take note: Instagram’s ad business has shifted Instagram feeds from the consumer’s mood-board to their marketplace, and the market is open for business.

Instagram reports 300 million active users monthly that generate 70 million pics per day! A market segment worth being in! Instagram are equal parts lifestyle gurus, brand ambassadors, and–most recently–sales agents.

Get on there we say! (And speak with us about identifying the right influencer groups, trends and content strategy). 

Read more information (as presented here) at: What Instragram new 'Ad Business' means for Brands.