A new Corporate Identity that is true to VS style...


...it delivers more than just a logo!

We would like to share with you some of the strategy and behind-the-scenes problem solving that occurred to create this fabulous new logo for Marian Grove Nursery - a successful, well established and innovative wholesale nursery.  All stakeholders, that is, the nursery owners and all of us here at VS were absolutely thrilled about the outcome!

Not only was the deliverable (the new "brand") well received, but equally valued by our client were the bonuses: the strategic planning and questioning that occurred as a result.  By discussing and confirming the creative brief that the VS team had composed for the new corporate identity, the owners of Marian Grove reported that this exciting and interesting process was a total value-add.

The strategic planning, research and consulting that Louise and her team did prompted the Marian Grove owners to analyse, identify and consolidate on many elements of the business that impact upon its success, not just upon the "brand" itself. 

Not only did they end up with a dynamic and aesthetically pleasing corporate identity, they developed a tagline for the business (for the first time), which now adds to their brand equity and effectively positions them in the market-place – right where they want and need to be!  In a nutshell it encapsulates their brand character as well as identifies the businesses unique combination of products and services that differentiate them from competitors and give them their point of difference in a busy, horticultural marketplace. 



Without even knowing the business or background strategy our before and after comparison of the nursery's existing and new corporate logo (seen here) provides an instant snapshot of how easily VS can ensure a brand has impact, easy recall and a level of equity competitors would be envious of. 

It demonstrates how refreshing your logo can instantly improve potential customer perception of the quality of a product, your business' approach to service and your brand character in general.  If you can't first attract peoples' attention to get them through your (literal or virtual) shop door to browse they won't even know what you have on offer to buy.

VS realised the importance of the need to ensure the logo and tagline reflected the fact:

  • it must suit the wholesale, not retail horticultural market, (that is industry stakeholders not gardeners), appeal to new markets like chain-stores as well as to landscapers who have a focus on design
  • the nursery was well established, had longevity and a reputation for knowledge within the industry which  was a real plus as it reflected a well run business, in an industry faced by many challenges
  • at the same time the nursery was not "old fashioned" but innovative and regularly involved in the process of breeding new plant varieties
  • their professional, trustworthy, reliable and friendly approach to business was equally important as their ability to provide a wide variety of plants to their customers
  • the client wanted a logo with a tagline developed, as well as a complimentary icon that work when integrated or presented independently of the logo.

The clients expectations of the logo were: it needed to bring the nursery image up to speed with its contemporary business expectations, consolidate on the nurseries credibility within the industry, and ensure that when customers saw the logo - the nursery tagline attributes were immediately brought to mind. It needed to reflect the intention of management (that they wanted to continue to successfully service customers with new products and great service).

With all this in mind, the new logo VS created, appears to fit the brief well by:

  • incorporating both classic elements (to reflect the heritage and experience that is a unique selling proposition of the nursery) as well as the modern /innovative element to reflect their awareness of the market/ new lines/ ability to respond to new products.  That is by using modern colours, in combination with a 'classic' serif font.
  • including "Est. '78" within the design to further reflect the longevity of the business
  • reflecting the "trustworthiness" of the business directly within the tagline "Trusted Greenlife Partners" and combining this with a "handwritten" font that plays on the personable and friendly character of the company brand too
  • using a less traditional green-life symbol (of the "pot") to differentiate it from the retail market and appeal more to the "trade" side of the industry. This also evolved out of the nursery's use of ‘unique coloured planting pots’ that clearly differentiated them from their competitors
  • creating an icon that could be used in combination, or separate from the logo. Thus strengthening the "brand” and providing more flexibility and dynamism in marketing material

As a result this new logo was instantly well received by existing customers, and has already been rolled out onto collateral including the vehicle signage, production lists and letter heads. Uniforms and truck signage are soon to follow.

It was the attention to detail in the strategising that allowed VS to identify the many important elements that needed to be reflected in the multi-dimensional corporate logo (complete with new tagline). Not surprisingly the client is thrilled, not only with the new brand but the invaluable insights they gained into their unique selling points and the motivation and momentum this has directly inspired within the business.

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