QR Codes - Technology bringing you real response!


QR codes help customers respond instantly to your message or offer.

QR (Quick Response) codes are an advanced barcode that can be snapped with a mobile phone camera to take customers and prospects to your website, internet video, online coupon or other informative, marketing or sales-seeking content.

QR codes are easy to use and are perfect for brochures, flyers, print ads, posters, product packs, banners, billboards, business cards, books, e-mails, magazines, delivery vehicles, bus sides, posters, storefront windows, instore displays, menus, corporate communications and more — including TV commercials.

Visual Strategies can show you how easily and cost-effectively you can put this powerful, easily implemented marketing tool to work for you.

Flexible, far-reaching, cost effective: QR codes create vital, instant customer response

Today’s internet savvy customer is so used to getting instant information that any delay causes impatience and disengagement.

That problem is easily solved by including QR codes on your marketing, advertising and promotional material, be it print, vehicles, retail displays — you name it.

QR codes are an ISO standard and are widely used in Asia, with increasing use in Europe, the USA and Australia. The increasing uptake will soon see QR readers included in most mobile phones. Google’s Android operating system already embraces it and Facebook is investigating its vast potential.

Your instant boost in marketing effectiveness

Your QR code will direct customers to your website (usually through immediate access by a smart phone) and enables you to set up an immediate dialogue with you.

And being in direct touch with you, they can access the information that encourages them to buy while enabling you to update their details.

You can encode around 600 words (nearly four times as many as in this section). You can include special offers, loyalty programs, conduct surveys, track response and refine your marketing strategy as you go.

Call us now so we can help you go through all the options and help you establish how QR codes can make a real impact on the effectiveness of your marketing and promotion.