The true value of e-brochures. Have you considered it?


Not only is it environmentally friendly, e-brochures have a stack of benefits that make them worth considering.

I don't think you can ever completely replace the experience of having a hard copy printed brochure in your hands... the texture and weight of the paper are as much a part of the experience as the graphics that sing out from the page. E-brochures can work alongside your hard-copy marketing material.

Firstly it is worth considering the appropriateness of an e-brochure. Some industries/types of business may not access the internet or view information online. You must really consider your target audience - will an e-brochure be received just as well if not better than printed material?

E-brochures popularity as a means of promoting your business continues to grow in some industries.

There are many pro's to an e-brochure and besides the obvious like 'saving trees' it can be alot more economical as print production or postage costs are not required - there is no limit on distribution!

Let's take a look at the end-user benefits... after all this is really what is most important. You want your marketing material to have maximum effect in getting your target audiences' attention and compelling action - some sort of response.

Here are a few of the end-user benefits:

  • People are much more well-versed in receiving information, advertisements and literature online. (high speed internet access continues to grow) allowing for easier and quicker access
  • E-brochures are instant. Upon request you can have the information almost immediately
  • Easier to keep on-file for future reference vs' storing more paper in your office/home
  • They can be alot more interactive - allowing for videos, slideshows, audio files and more
  • Convenient to access - These days we are all time-poor so the ability to access information via mobile devices such as smart-phones and tablets is invaluable
There are also many great benefits for you - the marketer:
  • E-brochures are a traceable marketing device allowing you to access user statistics and
    calculate the value of your investment
  • Option to edit, add to, or remove pages within your e-brochure as well as integrating a range of interactive features such as videos, slideshows, audio files, location maps, live links and hidden pages, e-brochures present a flexible, aesthetically engaging alternative
  • Potential to reduce response times due to instant distribution

We design and develop e-brochures that can either be digitally rich media and hosted online right down to a very simple form of e-brochure that is setup as a PDF that can easily be emailed or hosted on your website for download.

PDF e-brochures still allow for some interactivity and active hyperlinks to your website etc. This elementary form of e-brochure can also be quite cost effective to produce. More often than not these days when we produce a printed brochure, we often also create a PDF version as our clients see the value in instant and free distribution via email. In fact - our clients say that some of their customers prefer this. 

Here is a recent PDF e-brochure that we designed for FortySix, Data Research Services:


FortySix Data Research Services: E-brochure FortySix Data Research Services: E-brochure (1013 KB)