Social Media integration with your Email Marketing campaign


Social media is the topic of conversation on the web these days. But if you think email marketing is obsolete because of it, you might want to think again.

Email is just as valuable as any online social media marketing tool today - as years ago. The only difference between now and then is that your subscribers want the opportunity to share your content on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with their friends and colleagues.

Ask yourself – is my email marketing campaign social ready? …Because your subscribers want to share! 

So we have provided some tips here to maximise your subscribers’ opportunity to share your content socially online:

Promote Your Brand Profiles

Regularly promoting your brand without encouraging dialogue between yourself and your followers is frowned upon in social media. Doing it through email is more acceptable because subscribers are accustomed to the one-way conversations that email marketing provides.

But just as making sure your ‘brand experience’ is consistent at all points of interaction with your customer - you still have to encourage conversations with your brand elsewhere on the Web.

So therefore, don’t hesitate to promote your brands social media profiles in your emails/e-newsletters. The way to do this (without being annoying) is to use buttons and links as design enhancements – showcases – pull-outs etc. Buttons make an email template more dynamic and importantly - interactive. They should be accompanied by a call-to-action (i.e. Like us on Facebook), preferably positioned at the top of your email. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with the copy. Text links to your social profiles should definitely be included in the footer and integrated within the body content where appropriate.

Add Social Media Bookmarking Buttons

In addition to including buttons that link to your social profiles, make sure you include buttons that allow your subscribes to share your content on a variety of social sites. Not only is there Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but you can add share links including Digg, StumbleUpon, or a plethora of other social bookmarking sites. This will help your brand maximize its reach beyond the top 3 popular ones.

If you have a Blog... Promote it!

If you post blogs frequently, pick the best articles to include in your email / e-newsletters. But don’t showcase them in their entirety. Concise and a clear message is the key to getting your copy read. You want to lead subscribers to your blog (which should also be social ready) through your emails/e-newsletters. Plus, don’t forget to add a link or button to your blogs RSS feed.

Exclusive Offers to Subscribers

Everyone wants free items or items on sale. One marketing strategy you can implement to raise followers on various Social Media sites is to offer discounts exclusively to your subscribers. Place a goal (a number) that your page has to reach (400 or 1,000 Likes, for instance) just before the offer is activated. This will give your subscribers a reason (if not simply be a prompt) to encourage their friends to follow your brands profiles.

Don’t Waste the Unsubscribe Page…

Ideally, your subscribers will never choose to opt-out of your emails. But the reality is that some will. This doesn’t mean they want to stop engaging with your brand altogether. If they choose to unsubscribe, don’t waste the confirmation page by simply telling them ‘thanks for unsubscribing’. Use this opportunity to encourage them to follow your social media profiles.

A message such as ‘You’re no longer subscribed. Please join us on Facebook for news and promotions’ is an example of what you can say to encourage them to keep interacting with your brand.

Have you integrated your brand social media profiles with your email marketing campaigns?

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