Taken off market in 48 hours from selling frenzy!


Headlands Resort Video, Website, Online marketing project

Visual Strategies have been working on a fantastic project in the last few months that involved copy and script generation, videography with voice-over, website and email marketing campaign. 

The sales success generated in the first 48 hours made the local press. See the article about our Headlands Resort Launch here.


"The service and project management we received from Visual Strategies was Excellent. 

Visual Strategies understood the brief perfectly and produced exactly the product we required. We had an intentional approach of presenting the resort in a simple, clear and authentic way. Contrary to the stereotypical marketing of estate developments - we wanted to stand out and be different, because our estate opportunity was different! 

Visual Strategies had no problem in articulating both through the message and creative our greatest asset and competitive advantage. 

From the choice of voice-over for the video, to the atmosphere and emotion created via the footage and clear user-friendly navigation of the website, the project was brought to life. This was paramount as we are selling the apartments off the plan. 

Visual Strategies made the most of the 3D renders developed by our architects and were also able to make a dynamic video even though we only had still images to work with. 

The website added enormously to the success of the pre-sales campaign adding great value to our business. 

We were astounded and pleased by the response we received within the first 24 hours of the apartments pre-sales launch of: website, video and our real estate agents contacting their databases. 

The apartments were taken off the market the day they were to be released publicly (evidently the Real Estate Agents and with use of the marketing material Visual Strategies developed had done the job!).

Louise and her team were extremely professional, working in collaboration with our other teams (CAD drafters and architects) in addition to impressing one of our Real Estate Agents. 

They created Ray White Helensburgh's own version of the site with direct and real-time notifications of site submissions to facilitate efficient and effective pre-sales marketing to their database. 

This was done at the '11th' hour upon Ray White Helensburgh's request. It was great knowing we could count on Louise to follow-through here - an asset to our team on this project.

I would refer Visual Strategies to others requiring effective marketing and design without hesitation. 

And based on our experience working with Visual Strategies on this project I have no suggestions for improvement".

Graeme Charles, StevensCharles Group.

"This was one of my favourite projects this year - it is not often such a lovely project comes around that enables us to develop some really beautiful creative that is also very effective in marketing the product.

Although the product's value proposition was extremely strong and the visuals spoke for themselves, it was still paramount that we kept the single minded proposition throughout our marketing campaign. Less is more… but this is often harder to achieve. 

My vision for the marketing campaign was to immerse the customer in the location and the feeling of owning 'your very own holiday apartment right on the sea'. Hence why we used screen filled images of the location and renders of the resort. 

The video also focuses primarily on a relaxed and honest approach that again immerses the customer in all the senses of being on the sea. There was no need for stereo-typical photos of happy families on the beach or enjoying local cafes.

The video presented challenges creatively because we only had still rendered images and photos to work with and with the location being over 2 hours south from us - we were able to get creative with videoing some footage of the sea (locally) that would still remain authentic to the sales proposition we were making. We were bringing the 'off the plan sales' to life". 

Louise Sykes  - Visual Strategies 

Our client was astounded and very happy with how the launch of the pre-public online marketing went. The 2x Sales Agents utilised our material in marketing to their databases. We worked in collaboration with the Sales Agents at the 11th hour to customise versions of the site for their needs and built great rapport with Ray White Helensburgh - very grateful for our efforts. 

The launch ran like clock-work and this was a relief to us as there were client amends at the 11th hour that made testing time extremely short! Our team worked diligently to make sure all was perfect to maximise effectiveness. 

Check out our work on the Headlands Resort Launch here.