The 3 top questions you should ask before branding


In a recent discussion I took part in (within one of my brand industry discussions on LinkedIn), the issue of 'what really is important at the point of starting the brand proccess' was raised.

Every business experiences the point where there is no brand, or recognition that is identifiable as a brand. Usually this is 'start-up' businesses or perhaps is may be when 2 existing businesses merge and are to take a completely new path for the business moving forward.

Some of the responses in this discussion focused on the practicality. For example, a brand needs a concept and this concept has to be campaignable. For some it was important to separate what the 'top questions may be' from a business owner's perspective and the top questions from the brand designer's respectively.

But for me... when you are at the very beginning of the brand process, the business owner and the brand designer really need to be clear on the same key pieces of information.

So I thought I would share Visual Strategies top 3 questions that should be asked at the beginning of the branding process. These questions are also very important not only from a branding perspective but for establishing a solid foundation for the businesses marketing plans that will be an integral player in its growth and success.

  1. What is the businesses promise to their customers? (what values and benefits are delivered throughout the whole customer experience from initial point of contact through to post purchase).
  2. Who is their ideal customer? their target audience? And identify the values, behaviours and characteristics of this audience.
  3. What is absolutely unique about their business? (What is their unique selling proposition? This should really be distilled to one proposition).
Answers to these questions at the start of the branding process will provide a great deal of insight into the creative direction, character, profile etc. of the brand. The brand should really be portraying the answers to the above questions and if it isn't then it is a miss-fit and the brand will not work harmoniously and effectively for the growth and success of the business.