What is going on with search engine results you might ask?


Recent Google search engine changes have shaken up the SEO industry once again. Has your website suffered?

If you have had an SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy to date based on having as many links as possible of your chosen keywords and getting back-links to as many directories as possible without much else - then your site has probably suffered with the recent changes for search engine results via Google. (Google Penguin 2.1)

Seems unfair hey? Google in now devaluing keyword link strategies in an effort to target 'low quality' links (from Googles perspective).

The purpose of Google Penguin is to devalue manipulative links. For example they will penalise sites that have:

  • paid backlinks
  • low quality backlinks (typically generated using automated tools)
  • large numbers of links with optimized anchor text
  • excessive link exchanges
    ("Link to me and I'll link to you")
  • text advertisements that pass PageRank
  • other types of links listed on the 'links schemes' webpage

Good news is that Google is continuing to refine its algorithms to reward genuine good quality sites vs' those simply implementing keyword link strategies (that anyone can do regardless of the quality and user-experience of the site). 

There are many elements to these recent changes and without going into them in detail - what it does mean is promoting your brand, your niche industry, your customer interaction (even via social media) it's now more important than ever!

Gone are the days of basic keyword link strategies and directory back-linking (regardless of how spammy or irrelevant they may be). Now you can also be penalised for having the same content on various directories.

SEO strategy is now broadening to be more than one-size-fits-all or following a generic formula. Your brand promotion is how you can be rewarded.

The good news here is that your competitors don't own your brand. So rather than trying to win the 'keyword' race that you and your competitors were equal contenders in... focus on promoting your brand.

We love this because although it may take some work ATM to recover your ranking, it means your brand will inevitably have greater value in the long-run.

Social media activity is becoming more important within search engine results performance. Interaction from your customers, the posting of great quality and relevant content (to your brand) will be important. Google+ is also a must for businesses we believe and having relevant organic traffic to your Google+ page will also be highly rewarded when it comes to your search engine results performance.

Here at Visual Strategies we are all about integrated brand strategy and SEO is a part if this. Now more than ever a tailored approach is essential to the success of SEO.

Perhaps this has really shaken up the SEO industry - you cannot afford to invest in a SEO company that barely knows much about your brand, your industry niche or your customers... at Visual Strategies we think that SEO is going to become more of a integrated consulting based service that we already provide our customers together with our Visual Strategies SEO consultants.

We invite you to chat with Visual Strategies about how we can improve your SEO and search engine results.

Our approah and work ethic is about integration... Your Brand; Your Business Online; Your Social Media; Your SEO.