What is your 'Brand Voice'?


Your ‘brand voice’ is the distinctive tone and style of your businesses communications. It should reflect the personality and positioning of your brand while also providing coherence across all your brand’s communication platforms.

A common symptom of today’s complex matrix of online communication channels including social media along with the power of the consumers’ voice to be broadcast globally with the click of a button, is a highly fragmented ‘brand voice’.

Efforts of organisations to maintain a coherent brand voice are being disrupted by social media and online communications. Employees and customers’ ability to also drive your ‘brand’s voice’ make it extremely difficult for an organisation to control their brand. Even more reason why your brand voice must be clear and must be ‘in practice’.

And it is not just the distribution of your ‘brand voice’ that is a challenge, it’s the speed which it is happening!

The expectation today is immediate information! How can you control your ‘brand voice’ when its messages need to be spread far and wide very quickly?

Distil your businesses brand ‘why’ down into a succinct ‘Purpose Statement’.

Define your uniqueness. Keep comparing yourself to your competitors – don’t try to imitate them – identify where you are different and better. Keep drilling down with questions on how you are different until you identify a uniqueness that is so relevant to your target audience and to the solution you provide in the market place that it will become the essence of every piece of brand communication you make.