Why branding your business right delivers more rewards than sales


Not only is the right brand profile (logo) and your over-all corporate identity strategy good for your customers – it is good for you as a business owner and the running of all aspects of your business.

Firstly, undertaking a branding journey will help you to understand your customers better. Not just all your customers but the ‘best customers’ for your business.

You have heard the saying ‘Don’t be a jack of all trades’ well it applies here too – you cannot be all things to all people – so know who are best for you so you can tailor your business to be most relevant to them.

As Central Coast’s integrated Brand Specialists, Visual Strategies know Branding well – in fact we live and breathe it – we love it!

Branding is about marrying up your key reason for existence as a business and being most relevant and fulfilling for your best customers’ needs.It's your 'promise'.

So what is the key reason for your businesses' existence and how can you be most relevant and fulfilling for your best customers?

It can be such a satisfying revelation in establishing the answer to this question.

Getting your brand strategy right can be a recipe for the success of your business. If your brand has been setup right then the market position, the promise and personality of your brand is likely to be just right.

Basically if your business is:

  • positioned in the market correctly
  • is presenting the right promise to fulfil your target customers need
  • has a relevant and desirable personality (including your logo design)
  • you prove your promises by following through on all of them
then your target customers are likely to choose to do business with you rather than your competitors
Moreover, you are likely to be getting more business because you are delivering the right ‘promise’ (just what your target customer needs) and they will like you (always good for repeat business)!

All this can save you time and money too. Know your key target audience and you won’t be wasting your precious time, resources and energy on the wrong customers.

So the brand journey you take with Visual Strategies – the Central Coast’s integrated brand specialists will bring many valuable answers and revelations to your business that will contribute to more than just the logo that is the ‘front-presentation’ of your business.

And the brand journey doesn’t stop there – it will (and should) continue in everyday business. This way you can ensure a consistent experience for your customers from initial brand recognition and awareness, through to sales, delivery, experience of your product/solution, and post-purchase customer service.

Consider maximising your touch-points with your customers and building relationships with them rather than ad-hock sales campaigns that produce short-lived results. Get your Brand sorted, your business online and your Social Media (brand’s presence) kicked started on the right foot for 2015 Contact us for details