Why 'Engagement' shouldn't be the focus...


I'm happy I came across this article because it reflects my beliefs despite the fact I am a social media advocate. 

While I believe we must have a presence on social media that is consistent and is authentic to our brand (providing more opportunities to be in touch with our customers) and let's not forget the inbound marketing opportunities - to present content that is of value to a relevant audience,  I don't believe it should be a key focus for driving leads. Or being the accurate measure for how our brand is perceived in the marketplace, or how our marketing communications is performing in relation to driving leads. This is what customer surveys, direct feedback, lead generation from customer relationship management activities, activation activities and our sales performance are for. 

Be aware however, that if your social media activity is not inline with your brand's values... you can do damage to both existing and potential customer relationships! 

I think there is validity in building 'association' and general awareness with customers on social media. It can provide us with valuable insight about various market segments that we can take on board as we develop our marketing communications but by no means can it alone build a 'meaningful relationship' with your brand (by 'meaningful' I mean a relationship that involves doing business with your brand). 

'Loyalty' comes from delivering on your brand promise (which is part of doing business with your brand) not whether or not you follow and/or like posts on social media. This article is a useful reminder I think for all businesses and marketers. Social media is important but to focus on 'engagement' as a key measure of your brand's and marketing communications performance is futile. 

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