Why you don't need a logo designer...


All start-up businesses and those wanting to refresh your business, grow and take success to a new level…

You don’t need a logo designer…

You need a Brand Specialist.

A logo designer will only design a mark, a symbol, an icon that perhaps looks cool, modern and something that you like. A graphic that you feel represents you, but this is not going to achieve successful positioning for you in the market-place and/or work effectively to connect with your target audience (and do you truly know who your key target audience is?).

It won’t have customers flocking to your door either…

In today’s market more than ever it is critical that you communicate your businesses personality, values and why you are in business… what solution do you provide, what value you provide customers?

What is your brand’s ‘tone’ and how is this going to be communicated through all the different marketing channels including online and offline – and remain consistent so you can cut-through the crowd and stand out?!

How are you going to emotionally engage with your target audience and instigate quality leads and build brand ambassadors?


Your logo really should represent your customers’ solution to their problem… Your whole brand is something that you would like your customers to take ownership of. In today’s customer-centric market, customers’ have the voice and if you are too busy beating your own chest they won’t have the time of day for you.

A logo design itself is not going to give you all the answers to these valid questions, however a Brand Specialist will answer these questions for you and have the visual solution (including the logo) as part of the project.

Not many business owners that I have come across initially understand the difference and value here… but when they do, they are so grateful to have worked with a branding specialist / agency like us rather than throwing the ‘reins of their business’ in the public-eye to someone that is going to focus purely on a great graphic!