Why your Mission could be your greatest mistake for your Brand


Most organisations spend months devising predictable, and often garbled, mission or vision statements that employees ignore and that fail to guide decision-making in both day-to-day management and big-picture strategic planning.

Customers also fail to see the relevance in a brand’s mission statement or simply see no point of difference to the generic phrasing that most brands tend to employ. 

Therefore, mission statements in a generic sense are failing to form the right foundation and lack clear navigation for a brand. 

You often hear me speak of your ‘BRAND’S WHY’ and really, I guess this is what a Mission Statement should be defining.

Rather than focusing on your businesses ‘MISSION STATEMENT’ AND ‘VISION’, focus on a ‘PURPOSE STATEMENT’!

A purpose can invoke the intangible, the passion, the substantiation of what drives your brand rather than simply what goals it hopes to achieve and what processes it intends to implement to achieve its goals. 

An effective purpose statement defines your reason for being in business, the calling your organisation aims to answer in the marketplace, and the problems you strive to solve.

It can define a clear and concise ‘Brand Why’ for you.

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