Your Brand Personality, what does this mean?


The definition of 'Personality' is as applicable to a Brand as it is a person. 

'Personality' means 'the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character'. I make a point to highlight the end part here of 'distinctive' character... this is extremely important for the success of a brand. 

If a brand is not standing out from 'the others' it's 'dead in the water'. If a brand is not offering value that only they can provide, then there is no reason for a customer to decide to do business with that brand. 

Unique characteristics, qualities and temperament are the elements that will help make a brand distinctive. Following on from this train of thought, a brand that shares values, behaviours and emotions that relate to their target audience are the ones that will be remembered! These are the brands that can 'relate' to their target audience and therefore enjoy a successful 'brand personality'. 

To have a successful brand personality is essential in digital marketing which is the key platform for majority of businesses to market these days. As the adage goes, people like to do business with people they know, like and trust. 

Therefore a brand needs to be 'distinctive' to be known, have shared values, experiences and emotions that customers can 'relate to' and be consistent in their personality, transparent and deliver on their promise to gain their 'trust'. 

There are many business owners that habitually look at their business as an entity or 'product' that has a mission, a process and a whole series of 'features' that they use as their marketing content to promote.

Businesses that do this are really missing what motivates and guides the purchasing decisions of their customers! 

The same way we relate to people and form our ongoing friendships and loyalty is the way we as customers decide which brands (businesses) we are going to support and interact with. Your brand personality is a crucial component of your business and should be the foundation and the driver of all of your digital marketing and offline marketing as well. 

Here at Visual Strategies we conduct a thorough strategic phase for designing a brand before we commence designing logos and brand material. We offer more than graphic design and advertising for our customers - we help businesses find the 'soul' of their brand personality and break down the elements so they themselves can understand what their brand personality is and ensure it is a personality that will succeed. This is often a revelation for our customers because as owners of their businesses or key technicians of the product/service they provide, they cannot see past the features. 

Bringing insight of a brand personality requires truly understanding a brand's target audience. We conduct research into our customers' target audiences presenting not only the facts such as demographics, socio-economical, location-base etc. we define what motivates their target audience in life, what they value (that is relevant) to our customer's brand, what their habits are, behaviour and sentiment (in relation to our customers' brand). This 'humanises' a businesses objectives and provides invaluable insight to start building a successful brand personality. 

Feel free to give us a call and discuss how we can assist you in creating a successful brand personality.