Here at Visual Strategies we are focused on producing high quality and effective work that delivers results. Our portfolio is frequently updated with projects we complete, below is a preview of some of our work.

  • Aspire Business Card Design

    Industry: Lawyer; Business Law
    Features: Logo Design; Corporate Identity; Corporate Stationery; Business Card Design

  • Home Specialist Property Management Logo 2018

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Logo Design

  • HSPM Central Coast Property Investors Event Logo

    Industry: Real Estate, Property Management
    Features: Logo Design

  • Ludo's Patisserie Logo Design

    Industry: Bakery; Retail;
    Features: Logo Design

  • Mark Anderson Real Estate Agent Website

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Website Design; Website Build

  • Michael Daly Logo Design

    Industry: Lawyer; Solicitor; Conveyancing; Business Services
    Features: Logo Design; Corporate Stationery Design; Business Card Design; Corporate Identity

  • Middle Kingdom Link Logo

    Industry: International Business
    Features: Logo Design; Corporate Identity

  • MudgeCorp Website

    Industry: Construction; Builiding Residential; Building Commercial; Design
    Features: Website Design; Website Build; Logo Design

  • Physio Connex Logo Design

    Industry: Physiotherapy
    Features: Logo Design; Stationery Design; Business Card Design

  • Steven Kay Logo Design

    Industry: Business Coaching; Business Mentoring
    Features: Logo Design; Logos; Corporate Identity; Photography Direction

  • Steven Kay Website Design

    Industry: Business Coaching
    Features: Website Design and Build

  • RZK Group Logo

    Industry: Architecture
    Features: New Corporate ID

  • RZK Group Website

    Industry: Architecture Interior Design
    Features: website design and build

  • Little Day Productions Logo Design

    Industry: Videography; Photography
    Features: Logo Design; Brand design; corporate identity

  • Headlands Resort Website

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: website design, branding, videography, email marketing

  • Headlands Video

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Videography, Script writing, Graphic Design, Post Production

  • MDA Property

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Website design and build

  • Pure Botanical Health Logo

    Industry: Health
    Features: logo design, branding, corporate identity

  • Dog Wash Machine Graphics

    Industry: Consumer
    Features: Product Brand development, logo, graphics, facia decal design, instruction panel graphics

  • HSPM Advertisement for Newspaper

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Copy writing, advertisement design, brand communications

  • Masterpiece Projects Business Cards

    Industry: Electrical
    Features: brand logo design and business card design

  • You Are Enough Logo Design

    Industry: Councelling, Personal Development
    Features: Branding, Logo design, Corporate ID, Stationery

  • JMacch Performance Website

    Industry: Mechanics
    Features: Brand, logo design, website design, copywriting, image manipulation

  • hspm Modile Website

    Industry: Real Estate Property Management
    Features: mobile site design and build, custom mobile site design

  • European Delikatessan

    Industry: Food - Retail - Deli
    Features: Brand - New Corporate Identity

  • InReal Media Photography

    Industry: Real Estate Photography
    Features: Brand - corporate identity design

  • JMacch Performance

    Industry: Muscle Car Mechanic
    Features: Brand - New sub-branding - Corporate Identity

  • MasterPiece Projects

    Industry: Carpentry and Electrical
    Features: Brand - new corporate identity

  • Ozona Packaging range

    Industry: Odour Management and Cleaning Solutions
    Features: Packaging Design

  • Sidcon Constructions Logo

    Industry: Construction
    Features: Brand - New Corporate Identity design

  • VentSmart

    Industry: Industrial, Electrical
    Features: Brand - Product branding

  • NeuSolutions NeuClean Packaging Design

    Industry: Cleaning and Odour Management
    Features: Packaging label design

  • Dicover Life Balance

    Industry: Health and Personal Development
    Features: Brand, logo design, Corporate identity and stationery

  • The Yutari Tree Logo

    Industry: Holistic Medicine
    Features: Logo design, brand development, corporate identity

  • PhysioPhix Logo

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Corporate Identity, Logo design, strategy

  • PhysioPhix Sign

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Sign Design and production, Logo design

  • PhysioPhix Stationery

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Stationery Design, roll-out of corporate stationery

  • Home Specialist Property Management Advertisement Campaign

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Copy writing, Design, Layout, Advertising Campaign Strategy

  • MudgeCorp A5 Letterbox Flyer

    Industry: Building
    Features: Copywriting, design, QR code

  • Home Specialist Property Management Brochure

    Industry: Property Management
    Features: Design, layout, copywriting

  • MudgeCorp Brochure

    Industry: Construction
    Features: Design, layout and copywriting, printing

  • HSPM Newsletter

    Industry: Property Management
    Features: HTML

  • FortySix Door Signage

    Industry: Research Data
    Features: Door Decals

  • FortySix E-Brochure

    Industry: Research Data
    Features: PDF e-brochure design and layout

  • Central Coast Conservatorium of Music

    Industry: Non for Profit Organisation
    Features: Logo Design, Corporate Identity Strategy

  • FortySix Research Data Services - Logo

    Industry: Research Data and Data Analysis
    Features: Brand development, logo design.

  • FortySix Website

    Industry: Research Data and Data Analysis
    Features: Website design and development

  • Hi-Tech Electrical Corporate Stationery

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Features: Corporate ID design integrated into Corporate Stationery

  • OLSS Website

    Industry: Charity Community Services
    Features: CMS website

  • Our Lady Star of the Sea Logo Design

    Industry: Not for profit Organisations
    Features: CMS website including newsletter