Here at Visual Strategies we are focused on producing high quality and effective work that delivers results. Our portfolio is frequently updated with projects we complete, below is a preview of some of our work.

  • MudgeCorp Brochure

    Industry: Construction
    Features: Design, layout and copywriting, printing

  • RZK Group Logo

    Industry: Architecture
    Features: New Corporate ID

  • RZK Group Website

    Industry: Architecture Interior Design
    Features: website design and build

  • Little Day Productions Logo Design

    Industry: Videography; Photography
    Features: Logo Design; Brand design; corporate identity

  • Headlands Resort Website

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: website design, branding, videography, email marketing

  • Headlands Video

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Videography, Script writing, Graphic Design, Post Production

  • MDA Property

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Website design and build

  • Pure Botanical Health Logo

    Industry: Health
    Features: logo design, branding, corporate identity

  • Dog Wash Machine Graphics

    Industry: Consumer
    Features: Product Brand development, logo, graphics, facia decal design, instruction panel graphics

  • HSPM Advertisement for Newspaper

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Copy writing, advertisement design, brand communications

  • Masterpiece Projects Business Cards

    Industry: Electrical
    Features: brand logo design and business card design

  • You Are Enough Logo Design

    Industry: Councelling, Personal Development
    Features: Branding, Logo design, Corporate ID, Stationery

  • JMacch Performance Website

    Industry: Mechanics
    Features: Brand, logo design, website design, copywriting, image manipulation

  • hspm Modile Website

    Industry: Real Estate Property Management
    Features: mobile site design and build, custom mobile site design

  • European Delikatessan

    Industry: Food - Retail - Deli
    Features: Brand - New Corporate Identity

  • InReal Media Photography

    Industry: Real Estate Photography
    Features: Brand - corporate identity design

  • JMacch Performance

    Industry: Muscle Car Mechanic
    Features: Brand - New sub-branding - Corporate Identity

  • MasterPiece Projects

    Industry: Carpentry and Electrical
    Features: Brand - new corporate identity

  • Ozona Packaging range

    Industry: Odour Management and Cleaning Solutions
    Features: Packaging Design

  • Sidcon Constructions Logo

    Industry: Construction
    Features: Brand - New Corporate Identity design

  • VentSmart

    Industry: Industrial, Electrical
    Features: Brand - Product branding

  • NeuSolutions NeuClean Packaging Design

    Industry: Cleaning and Odour Management
    Features: Packaging label design

  • Dicover Life Balance

    Industry: Health and Personal Development
    Features: Brand, logo design, Corporate identity and stationery

  • The Yutari Tree Logo

    Industry: Holistic Medicine
    Features: Logo design, brand development, corporate identity

  • PhysioPhix Logo

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Corporate Identity, Logo design, strategy

  • PhysioPhix Sign

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Sign Design and production, Logo design

  • PhysioPhix Stationery

    Industry: Healthcare
    Features: Stationery Design, roll-out of corporate stationery

  • Home Specialist Property Management Advertisement Campaign

    Industry: Real Estate
    Features: Copy writing, Design, Layout, Advertising Campaign Strategy

  • MudgeCorp A5 Letterbox Flyer

    Industry: Building
    Features: Copywriting, design, QR code

  • Home Specialist Property Management Brochure

    Industry: Property Management
    Features: Design, layout, copywriting

  • HSPM Newsletter

    Industry: Property Management
    Features: HTML

  • FortySix Door Signage

    Industry: Research Data
    Features: Door Decals

  • FortySix E-Brochure

    Industry: Research Data
    Features: PDF e-brochure design and layout

  • Central Coast Conservatorium of Music

    Industry: Non for Profit Organisation
    Features: Logo Design, Corporate Identity Strategy

  • FortySix Research Data Services - Logo

    Industry: Research Data and Data Analysis
    Features: Brand development, logo design.

  • FortySix Website

    Industry: Research Data and Data Analysis
    Features: Website design and development

  • Hi-Tech Electrical Corporate Stationery

    Industry: Manufacturing
    Features: Corporate ID design integrated into Corporate Stationery

  • OLSS Website

    Industry: Charity Community Services
    Features: CMS website

  • Our Lady Star of the Sea Logo Design

    Industry: Not for profit Organisations
    Features: CMS website including newsletter

  • New Idea & Guy Leech World of Fitness Online Promotion

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Online Promotion for New Idea. Participants interact with online 'steps calculator' to tally how many steps could be taken to 'walk around Australia' within the promotional period. Promotion was also advertised in the New Idea magazine.

  • ALMA E Newsletter

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: ENewsletter template design and HTML newsletter development

  • ALMA Logo Design

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Branding, Logo design.

  • ALMA Website

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Website design and development, web forms, web apps.

  • AlphaOne E Newsletter

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Newsletter template design, development.

  • AlphaOne Health Expo Brochure Handouts

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Brochure Design and Production

  • AlphaOne Health Expo Logo Design

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Branding development, logo design.

  • AlphaOne Health Expo Pullup Banner

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Banner Design and Production

  • AlphaOne Intensive Brochure & Form Pad

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Brochure design and layout, copywriting and production of folder brochure containing tear-off sheets pad.

  • AlphaOne Website

    Industry: Health and Fitness
    Features: Website design and development. Including Flash animation, Web Apps, Web Form, Online Business Builder

  • GLOP Branding

    Industry: Fitness
    Features: Branding development for new product