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The Scene...

Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new discipline, which bridges the gap between health promotion and conventional medicine. It involves a range of health professionals working as a team to prevent, manage and treat the ~70% of modern health problems which have a lifestyle-based cause.

Visual Strategies were brought onboard to assist in the launch of this initiative in Australia.

The project itself involved:

  • Branding – a new logo and establishing the branding guidelines, design and build of a new website that would be the key driver of this new initiative
  • product brochure
  • conference material
  • online information leaflets
  • online assessments (interactive tools)
  • online health and fitness programs delivered via email/online (for more details on this – see LifestyleImprovement Program project)

This initiative had two key target audiences.

  1. GP's, Primary Care Providers, Practice nurses and
  2. Consumers (those with health issues brought about by lifestyle behaviours)

Commercial enterprises to a certain extent were also a target audience in seeking sponsorship.

The Brand...

In essence, Lifestyle Medicine (LSM) is the application of environmental, behavioural, medical and motivational principles to the management of lifestyle related health problems in a clinical setting.

The logo was inspired by the medical and environment factors combined – symbolised with the crisp medicinal blue and green environmental element both encapsulating LSM and combined centrally with a simple uplifting happy healthy person – represented graphically.

The presence of a circle portrays how it is not one line of thought or analysis in diagnosis and treatment of patients with LSM - but a 360° review of all aspects of a patient's life as possible contributing factors to their health and wellbeing or lack there-of.

Brand characteristics that we needed to capture in the logo included: Credible, trustworthy, professional, strong, innovative, wholesome, environmental, inspirational and positive.

The Website...

Together with our client, our aim was to develop an interactive free online resource to mutually support the delivery of Lifestyle Medicine workshops providing quality tools for GP's and Practice Nurses.

Ongoing the website would act as an online resource that drives repeat visits from primary care providers to enhance their clinical skills and understanding of lifestyle related health conditions and their treatment/ management. A secure login members section was also established.

It was essential that the online calculators and assessment tools were efficient to find and easy to use.

Together with the client Visual Strategies established the schematics and framework of the site. We then proceeded to design site navigation and user friendly menus to achieve this. Our team worked closely with our client's backend programmers to apply the design interface to their interactive tools.

Time and lack of confidence with online content were reported by GP's to be the main reasons for not using the Internet. So a key objective of the project was to maximize ease of use and perhaps enable GP's to save time by using this site when seeing a patient. There was a large amount of content for this site and therefore the design needed to not only accommodate this content, but present it in a clear and logical way while maintaining the brand experience. From hero menu lists grouping content into topics, to comprehensive database tree navigation systems deeper within the site – the site styleguide developed and applied by Visual Strategies accommodated all these and achieved consistency in the brand and maximum user friendliness.

The site also contained resources for Patients that could be downloaded at the click of a button. Visual Strategies designed a brochure template to present all LSM patient information. This achieved consistency and credibility with strong LSM branding and clean layout.

Support Collateral...

A simple leave-behind product brochure and conference pull-up banners were designed as part of this launch campaign. Visual Strategies designed and generated artwork, organised photography and print production of this support collateral.

The Outcome...

The launch of LSM in Australia and the product deliverables Visual Strategies designed and produced have set the stage for this significant movement.

The core followers of lifestyle medicine such as GP's Practice Nurses and allied health professionals can't get enough of lifestyle medicine. One day workshops are delivered around the country, a National Conference has now been held two years in a row with growing attendance levels and commercial sponsorship. The brand will continue to evolve as more awareness is created for the need for health professionals to work together in teams to prevent and manage chronic disease.

Lifestyle Medicine featured on Channel 7's breakfast program ‘Sunrise' in early 2010, the program directed viewers to the Lifestyle Medicine website to check out the tools and assessments to help the general community identify risk factors they may have for chronic disease and seek medial assistance if they were found to be high risk. Never before has a tool such as this been available in Australia in such a comprehensive and free format.

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