Sales and promotion

Do you need to improve the sales performance of your business? Or would you like to effectively promote your products and/or services? Visual Strategies provide consulting services to work closely with you in developing strategic sales and promotion activities that achieve your unique set of objectives (online or offline).

Whether it is a strategy to sell direct to your customers, or business to business, we have the experience to make it happen!

See below for a brief overview of the types of activities we can assist you with in the sales and promotion of your business.

Our sales and promotion services include:

  • Activation promotions and competitions to drive an instant sales increase within a given time-frame (for example this may include 'chance to win' competitions, gift with purchase, bundling promotions and more)
  • Customer relationship management via loyalty programs, members club, email marketing and direct mail
  • Infographics, sales presentations, launch presentations etc.
  • Building brand awareness via corporate gifts and premiums, referral programs
  • Tactical programs for those times when you need some quick action in your marketplace
  • Are you facing a unique sales and promotion challenge in your business? This may take the form of new competitors in the marketplace, price wars or something else entirely different. Contact Louise and her team to see how we can help identify and tailor a solution for you

Sales and promotion

  • Marketing Strategies
  • Activation Campaigns
  • Print Advertising
  • Customer Relationship Programs
  • Multimedia Presentations