Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is about enabling your investment in an online presence to bear fruit by ensuring that your web site is easy for customers to locate. There is no sense in having a website if no-one can find it! Our SEO service ensures that your site is visible to the major (& minor) search engines and that you rank well within their results. Even more importantly Visual Strategies keeps current with the latest changes in the search engine algorithms and ensures that your site remains visible and current. SEO is not a ‘black art’ it is a science – but one that is quite exact and requires regular nurturing for maximum effectiveness.

Visual Strategies recognises that some of our clients are already active in this space and they simply want to get more from their SEO efforts – that’s where our consulting services come in. Louise and her team can audit where you are currently at and make clear and precise suggestions where you can ramp up your results.

Of course for other clients SEO is all new and frankly a bit confusing – not to worry Visual Strategies has a number of service packages available to enable clients at this stage to quickly and effectively become more visible online to their target customers.

Whatever your SEO requirements Louise and her team has got them covered.