Visual Strategies has conveniently broken its services up into 4 broad categories with several different packages available in each and a separate one to handle your SEO needs. The packages have been selected as the best way to deliver the majority of needs required by clients at the different stages of their business’ development. Each package can be customised to meet the specific needs of our clients.

These categories are:

The ‘Your Brand’ category covers all things to do with branding, brand management, logo development and design, printing needs.

From just getting started to a full brand launch or refresh Visual Strategies can provide you with everything your brand needs.

  • Basic Logo Design Pack
    - The starter pack – ideal for when you’re beginning
  • Standard Logo Design Pack
    - A bit more information, more choice
  • Corporate ID Business Pack
    - The whole kit & caboodle this pack even includes a competitor analysis!
    - It also has the option for a complete brand refresh at a minimal extra cost.
  • Online Business Starter (CMS)
    - For those just starting out
  • Standard Customised Biz Site
    - For those ready to move the next stage
  • Online Business Pro Site (CMS)
    - Full blown and in action!!

Each pack has the option for Visual Strategies customisable Hosting.

  • FaceBook Starter Pack
    - Get a presence
  • FaceBook Ad Campaign Pack
    - Start monetising your presence
    - Get a campaign set up
    - Have your campaign managed
  • Social Media Strategy Pack
    - Get serious – get a strategy set up
    - Have on-going strategy management
    - Track & monitor and much, much more besides…
  • Google+

Twitter, You Tube & Linked In starters are also available.

Visual Strategies provides excellent value for money in the Social Media area, and unlike the instant ‘gurus’ who have just cropped up, we’ve been around for a while. Visual Strategies will get you results with their Social Media expertise.

  • Search Engine Optimisation for your web site
  • On-going SEO action & support
  • SEO integrated approach packages: Your website, your blog, your social media - strategies to improve your search engine results.