Website services

Designed and Built for Business

Visual Strategies believes that all branding and marketing materials should work hard for you. After all you are investing time and money into developing a brand identity and you need it to deliver results.

This is why we are pleased to offer affordable, comprehensive websites that include all the tools and functions you need to run your business online.

Visual Strategies will enable you to keep your website up to date; run ongoing email campaigns to maintain customer relationships; sell your products online with eCommerce; have access to detailed reports about your website's performance, learn more about your customers through customer profiling and more besides.

The Visual Strategies Online Business Console with its’ e-marketing and eCommerce facilities will directly benefit you as a business owner!

The beauty of this system is all the costly programming is already done so we can focus on designing you the sleekest and most user-friendly website possible to achieve your marketing goals at a fraction of the price it would cost you to develop all the functionality from scratch.

We provide a wide variety of eye-catching, easy to navigate sites from simple brochure websites (static websites with no CMS, email marketing or ecommerce) to fully interactive, highly functioned sites. Whatever the type and level of site your business needs Visual Strategies is able to design, develop and deploy it in a cast and time efficient manner for you!

Whether you need an on-line store or just want to be able to send out a newsletter Visual Strategies have what you need.

Our service is simply tailored to your needs.

Website Design Experts

At Visual Strategies we recognise that one size does not fit all – so we design each client a customised web site design and layout that maximises the impact of their brand and clearly differentiates them from their competition.

We also ensure that the visual of your website graphically matches and fits in with your existing brand and other marketing materials like yellow pages ads, your signage, business cards etc.

We understand the importance of the user experience with your brand and how this can affect your business’ performance.

Keep your website alive, relevant and working for you

At Visual Strategies we don't expect you to be a web guru, after all - you are an expert in your business and you need to focus on your business – not the mechanics of how to run your website.

Our system makes managing your website is extremely easy. If you have used Microsoft Word then you can easily use our system and for those who need a bit of a hand – we are not only available to guide you step by step, but we supply you with lots of support material too.

Naturally we can also look after all of your web maintenance needs as well if that is what you would prefer.

You can also take advantage of our professional expertise to guide you in maximising your website and business performance. We can assist in ideas generation for sales, promotion and customer relationship activities - all of which can be implemented through the new site we develop for you.

Success in the ‘bricks & mortar’ world doesn’t always translate into on-line success and helping you to make the transition is where Visual Strategies can really add value by providing high service and support.

See below for more details on the value we add in our website design and development service.

Website Content is King

It is becoming a cliché but it remains true – the content on your web site remains king. It is likely that most of your content will be in the form of copy and it here that Loisue and her team can help your business not only rank hire but also convert more.

Visual Strategies understands the important role that the copy on your website plays. Use our professional expertise for writing or editing the copy of your website in order to maximise your website's relevance to your customers and search engines.

By now you will likely have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Apart from offering a comprehensive SEO package to our clients we are up to speed on all the tips to making your site copy SEO friendly. There is no point investing in a website that nobody can find!

Being found through the various search engines is important for visibility and is crucial to your online business success. Feel free to discuss SEO for your website with us.

Website Reporting

A management guru once said that what gets measured gewts done. It is the same with your website – you need to be able measure your site from a number of perspectives. Visual Strategies has a well rounded suite of web reporting available for yu to use. From simple to complex reports – it depends what you want and what your business needs. Either way we also understand that businesses need to keep their finger on the pulse of their website – as a business owner ourself, we know it takes careful tracking of every aspect of your business to maximise sales conversions and leads.

With VS you can have access to reports and information about how your website is performing and who your customers are.

Listen to your Customers and Evolve with Them:

Our reporting suite enables you to review statistics like – what percentage of your website visitors are returning users as opposed to first time visitors? Where are your site visitiors coming from? Which pages on your site are viewed most often and which ones for the longest periods of time? Which links are hit most often?

This is the type of information that not only allows you to see how well your site is performing but enables you to tweak it to maximise its effectiveness.

Using this type of information will help both you, and Visual Strategies to analyse your website and make changes according to what your visitors want in order to service them better. In a sense your business is growing on-line in response to your customers needs…

(Remember the internet is a dynamic environment and what works now may work in the near future, so a program of regular review is an absolute must for your website to remain effective and efficient).

The Cost

Louise and her team have been working with small to medium sized businesses for quite a while and they understand the realities and constraints of budgets.

Visual Strategies’ class leading process and approach enables us to design, develop and manage websites with one of the most complete suite of tools available and at a competitive price.

Visual Strategies has a package sure to suit your needs and those of your accountant or book keeper!! You can literally get all the bells and whistles without the extra zeros!

Our Website Services in Summary

  • Complete website concept and design – tailored to your brand
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Web analytics reporting
  • Customer Profiling
  • Central Customer Database
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Website hosting, website maintenance and management
  • Support and comprehensive online self help resources

We can

Design and develop your website so that it:

  • Enables you to write blogs
  • Build a forum
  • Run an online shop that accepts payments
  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Build a customer database with the ability to target specific profiles

And if you already have a website take advantage of our expertise to have a Web Site Audit done so that you’ll know how effective your current site is. If it needs it we can easily upgrade your website to our Online Business Console so that you get full reporting, CMS, email marketing and eCommerce. We can help you make your website work hard for you.

We Provide

Customised Websites

Visual Strategies can also work with you to set up a custom web site to operate in your own environment – that is one that does not require the use of our CMS, email marketing and ecommerce systems.

No matter your needs or situation Visual Strategies can and does build unique web sites with professional design, user-friendly interfaces and built in productivity.

Website services

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • CMS websites
  • eCommerce
  • Website Management

Visual Strategies - your online business system in action...

  • Editing content is a breeze
  • Managing your customer database is effortless
  • Lead capture is automatic
  • Email marketing tools are included
  • Vital reporting functionality is available at the click of a button and
  • Add an online shop whenever you're ready
  • All fully hosted in a world class custom-designed website
  • Professional support and website management assistance available