Your Brand


Our team will undertake Strategy consultation and research with you and your team in order to clearly define your unique selling proposition (USP), develop clear objectives for your brand, gain an understanding of your market-place and your competition. In addition to developing these objectives the VS team will also establish the strategy and clear creative direction for the design of your logo and brand.

Creative Design phase: Involves the briefing of our highly talented and experienced brand designers to commence work on developing your new logo options. Every stage of the creative process is managed with close art direction to ensure the integrity of the brief is being maintained in every creative concept

You can have confidence that the creative concepts presented by our team will be on target – after all – we have established the right ‘gameplan’ in the strategy and creative brief stages of your projects.

Unlike others, we include client amendments so that you can work closely with our team to refine your preferred concept even more to your liking.

The packages contain the essential tools we know businesses need when they establish a new brand. This includes your corporate stationery.

Benefits of these packages:

Getting the right Corporate ID / Branding strategy in place for your business increases its competitiveness within your chosen market-place and supports growth while strengthening your businesses’ positioning and presence within the market.

From identification, reputation, recall, projection of businesses values, character and market positioning – the brand is the story and image that customers share and engage with. It is the personality of you or your business and it distinguishes you and positions you in the market even though you may have competitors offering similar services or products.

Our approach to branding your business enables you to answer the ‘why do business with you?’ question on your customers lips!

Our packages offer great value and savings for our customers – by combining various projects into one package you can benefit not only from a more efficient turn-around of the essential business corporate branding needs but enjoy some additional savings as well.