Your Business Online


Choose from either a completely customised website OR use one of our many premium templates as the foundation for your on-line presence.

Our upfront strategy sessions and follow up consulting ensures that together we can clearly identify what you want from having your business online.

In other words by working with you we enable you to answer this most important question: What should your website be doing in order to be successful for you?

All websites are built to the latest in SEO friendly and W3C current website standards for maximum user friendliness and accessibility.

The VS team offers copywriting and SEO services to ensure that your website is the most effective and clear representation of your business and is a powerful sales tool for your products and/or services.

The VS team offers web development & programming expertise along with results getting marketing strategies  that create solutions which deliver on your online marketing objectives. Just a few of the tools we offer are email marketing, customer relationship management, sales process, ecommerce, promotions and more besides.


Your business online is an integral part of your businesses’ marketing. Now more than ever your customers and target audience are interacting with businesses online. If your website is not reflecting your brand, your businesses unique strengths and competitive advantage then it could be doing more harm than good.

Visitors to your website should be getting the same ‘experience’ as they would meeting one of your businesses representatives in person, or walking into your shop/office. That is why Louise and her team offer custom designed websites that truly reflect your business’ values – so that they flow seamlessly with your current/new branding and provide a pleasant experience for visitors that will keep them coming back!

We understand that each of our clients have their own needs and goals they want to achieve online – we listen, we strategise and implement our expertise and knowledge to make your website work hard and produce results for your business. Getting it right up-front could save you much time, pain and money later on!

Our VS Online Business Console solution makes it easy to manage your website, run marketing campaigns, and care for your customers. It also enables you to sell products (physical or e-products such as reports, manuals etc) if required. This all-in-one solution replaces 10+ separate on-line tools that are essential for businesses online with one, central console. This saves you time and money, while future-proofing your business online.

Key benefits of our VS Online Business Console solution:

  • Easily Manage Your Own Website
    You can quickly and easily edit and update your own web pages. (If you can use MS Word you can use this Console - the interface is very similar to MS Word etc).
  • If you prefer you can engage VS to do this for you
  • Build Your Customer Database
    A built-in contact management system, so you can build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Do Some Serious Marketing
    With our seriously strong email marketing capabilities built in, along with our next generation reporting, you can execute some serious email marketing! Your CRM allows for profiling so you can segment your database for even more targeted campaigns.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    Your business online can be easily found via search engines and meta-data (SEO data) can be managed/updated easily
  • React Faster to Inquiries
    You can get SMS and Email notifications instantly when you have an inquiry or order come through your website. You can setup multiple workflows for different enquiry channels that you may have setup on your site.
  • Executive Insight
    Get a birds-eye-view of your business online as soon as you log in, with integrated reporting. Drill down to very detailed levels to get a clear picture of how your site is performing. With our Business Console you can see the forest AND the trees!
  • Sell Anything Online (if required)
    Our eCommerce capabilities enable you to build an online shop, allowing you to sell products online and collect payments in real-time. These products can be physical or in the form of e-products such as reports, manuals etc.

Keeping in touch with your customers, selling to them and nurturing customer relationships can easily and effectively be achieved with use of Email Marketing. Louise and her team can assist you in setting up effective and time-efficient campaigns while also offering many creative ideas and strategies to get the attention and instigate desired responses from your target audience.