Are you scared to get business beyond referrals?

Are you scared to get business beyond referrals?

Only yesterday I had a client say to me “I don’t want to get too much new business, how will I handle it?”.

I hear this so often! My response is always “Well isn’t that a good problem to have?!”

If you are operating as a professional services business, investing in effective marketing and brand positioning is not just about growing more leads – increasing sales. It’s about securing your businesses future and perhaps even freeing up some of your time in manually selling to prospects.
A lot of professional service providers run their business based on referrals alone. This not only severely limits the scalability of your business – It jeopardises the future of your business.
Here is a test to see if you are a ‘referral based’ business. If you left your business today, would the same new business volume and reputation continue? If not, your business is entirely dependent on you alone and ends when you leave.
Hey – I give credit where credit is due… If you are running your business purely on referrals, this means you offer value to your customers BUT you must be mindful of the pitfalls.
Referrals give you no control over your lead generation. It’s like operating on luck. Moreover, you are likely to be missing out on the quality clients – the ones most profitable for you.
I know this personally. I have run my business for over 15 years successfully based on referrals. But I have also personally experienced the pitfalls of limited scalability and lack of control over the clients I am servicing. I am changing this now by structuring my business in a way that suits me, scaling my business and strategically generating leads based on my ideal client avatar.

If you would like to get a clear understanding of how your business circumstance could transfer from a referral dependent business… To encapsulating the essence of why you get referrals, into a clear game-plan and visual communication that can be limitlessly scaled.


Gain Insight on what the current roadblocks for business are in defining what is the unique value your business offers… And how the repositioning of your brand can put you into the ‘blue ocean’. Less competitors & amongst your ideal customers.


Learn how to stop the scatter-gun and pot luck approach with brand and marketing content that often provides no return on investment…

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