Professional Service providers… not all clients are created equal!

Reposition your brand for optimum sales

Have you been paying attention to the clients you are servicing?

Do you feel like there are different groups of clients that you service?

If you do service different groups of clients – You probably are not servicing them the same and you probably find that they are not all as profitable as each other.

In my experience as a business owner (and I know many others can also relate) to having ‘good clients’ and ‘bad clients’.

You know – the good ones are clients that you really add value for, and you are providing them service/products within your strongest area of expertise. You can work efficiently, and the work is profitable.

And the bad clients are all the opposite to these… you never seem to please, scope creep on works, pressures on price, or working within areas your team are not so specialised in. They are hard work and eat into profits.

Of course, we want more of the ‘good clients’ right?!

What has branding and my Reputation & Revenue EscalatorTM program got to do with what clients you have? Everything!

The messages and the personality you project within your brand will determine the types of clients you attract.

Everyone has different values (what is most important to them). For some clients, price is most important, for others its quality or efficiency or perhaps it is solving a unique problem that only you can solve.

Clients make their purchase decisions based on what is most important to them… so if you have your branding aligned with your core values in business… then you will be attracting clients that are aligned to your values – also known as The GOOD CLIENTS 😉

How do you ‘reframe’ your brand?

Well for many professional service businesses – they have not ‘framed’ their brand at all beyond the industry category they work within.

For example, “We are Accountants” or “We are a Real Estate Agency”. And will continue to list all the standard products and services that their respective industry provides.

This is telling the marketplace that anyone that needs an Accountant… or a Real Estate Agent etc. – you are the solution. ‘Jack of all trades’ comes to mind here!

Well as a business strategy this is flawed because you are projecting the message that you are the same as all your competitors.

But it’s also saying you are happy to service both the good and bad clients for your business which will have a direct impact on the function and profitability of your business.

Reputation and Revenue Escalator Program


The solution to this problem is to express your brand in the way your good clients can relate to – match your values to theirs

In my Reputation & Revenue EscalatorTM program, the second phase is all about ‘Reframing’ your brand.

We develop a target strategy for your ‘ideal clients’ and distinguish between your good and bad clients so you are aware of where you want to position your brand.

After joining the dots on what is your unique value in the marketplace in phase 1, the ‘Reframe’ phase will enable you to make informed decisions about who your ideal clients are, what they value. You will have defined your businesses values and see how we will be able to reframe your brand in such a way that it improves the function and profitability of your business.

The final step in phase 2 is where we develop the brief for your new brand design.

This is often where the aha moment occurs. Where you can see the clear pathway to effectively positioning your brand to have all the ‘good clients’ wanting to do business with you! 

If you would like to learn more on how to reframe your brand OR know of someone that could benefit from a chat with me – I have made myself available for a free phone/zoom consult: ‘GROW BEYOND REFERRALS BY SCALING YOUR REPUTATION’