The New Normal, & what this means for your brand

the new normal for business owners

The New Normal, and what this means for your brand

The pandemic forced changes in consumer behaviours. So that they could keep living their lives in a world that could no longer run as usual. What does this mean for your brand?

Almost every industry has been affected by these changes in consumer behaviours. So therefore, almost every business has had to change their processes, their behaviours to continue to meet the demands of its customers.

If you change your behaviour (even as a business) you are changing your identity.

Who is ‘your brand’ (your business) now? What does it mean to your customers today?

It’s not only consumer behaviours that have changed, but their values and opinions, what they fear and what they desire have also changed. So, if you have not readdressed your brand in the last 2 years, you could be left behind!

Brands must be customer-centric and more innovative to stay relevant in the now. One key behavioural change that the pandemic has driven is, becoming more digital.

Is your business making good use of digital channels? How are you showing up online? Are you there? Are you relevant? Are you meeting customers’ current demands? What has changed? What do your customers expect and want now? What is no longer working?

The struggle is real…

I have worked in brand strategy for over 25 years, and I have seen many small business owners find the concept of ‘branding’ to be beyond them, a luxury in business, an unnecessary expense. That their time is best spent on servicing customers – getting money in the door.

All well and good, but neglecting your brand plan will see your customers dwindle and your reputation slide… when they no longer see you are relevant or simply forgetting you are there.

Have you changed the way you service your customers in the last 2 years?

Are you still using your brand, your brand messages (your website, your emails messages, your social media, your advertising online or offline) the same?

Then your brand is incompatible now and is not helping, it’s hindering your business.

Overcome the struggle…

I have developed a tried and tested process that overcomes the hesitation and ‘blocks’ that many business owners face when trying to clarify their brand, through a sequence of simple steps.

These steps enable every business owner to identify and understand their brand, and how to effectively generate customer demand.

The flow and timing of collaboratively working on your brand plan and its key messages are critical to this exercise’s success.

Therefore my ‘Escalate your Reputation and RevenueTM’ program achieves an efficient result with a fine balance of collaborative effort from your business, and our professional brand strategist. (Louise Sykes here at Visual Strategies).

You will easily fall into an intense focus on your business’s brand over a 1 week period and feel the rapid shift to empowerment in your business. Where you know how you can outsmart your competition. You will truly understand what your ideal customers’ want, and how you can provide that. You will see clearly how you can ensure your business stays relevant in this ever-changing world, and no longer feel distracted by trying to keep up with your competitors.

You will be creating your own demand… not responding to whatever demand may come your way.

Would you like to know how you can join this program?

Simply book a no obligation call with our brand strategist, Louise.