Our Client Promises

To always turn generic messages into compelling ones that cut to the heart of who & why your business exists.

We believe that every person has unique value and has something to offer in making the lives of other people better. The reason you are in business is because you somehow improve peoples’ lives. You wouldn’t be in business if this wasn’t the case!  

It is a privilege for us to highlight your strengths and unique value – in fact it’s our purpose! To encapsulate your essence in design and communication that resonates with your customers and makes you stand out from your competition. This is our promise to you and to be honest, our passion.

To distil your business down to its authentic value means you can hit the market with complete confidence in what you offer!

Constant pursuit of creative possibilities!

Our Creative Director and founder of Visual Strategies has always indulged her creativity. In fact, at the tender age of 15 she knew she wanted to be a Graphic Designer and work on brands. Some 25 years later she has just as much love for this industry as ever.

Creative problem solving is what we get a kick out of! The relentless pursuit of creative, innovative, and strategic ideas and making them happen is what drives us every day!

Why settle when you can create possibilities to improve and grow?!

Provide direct contact with our Creative Director

At Visual Strategies you can benefit from the unique combination of dealing with a ‘Creative’ that also truly understands business strategy and what is required to make your marketing increase revenue and improve your reputation.

There is no ‘lost in translation’ on deliverables or trying to understand the technical jargon that only technicians know how to speak, when you work with us.

This is why we keep a lean boutique agency that enables our Director to remain at the coalface of our client liaison.

Smooth and effective project management that only seasoned professionals can provide

Taking an idea through to fruition, whether it is a logo, a website, a presentation, an advert, a promotional campaign, or brand launch to market. It’s no easy task when having to coordinate numerous stakeholders with plenty of opportunities for things to ‘go wrong’.

Like being a host with the most… our clients are like our guests, and we are well equipped to provide a smooth ride via polite communication, experienced knowledge & foresight in our field with a commitment to a professional standard – no matter how small your business is!

To understand your ideal customers, the ones most profitable for your business!

A true empath, our Creative Director is wired to truly understand where people are coming from… what is important to them, how they feel and what drives their behaviours. These factors are the answer to ‘why customers do business with you?’.

It is this skill that makes our brand material on-target. To relate most to the customers that are profitable for your business.

We listen to you, not just to be present, but to catch your passion and enthusiasm for your business and integrate that into the work we produce for you. We seek to understand who and where your customers are, and what drives their purchasing decisions.

Being ‘customer centric’ enables us to make your brand presence and messaging be the fast way, ‘the bridge’ between your customers and your business.

Your business reputation is everything!

One wrong word/post/message/picture and it can damage your business’s bottom line!

We understand the consequence of our actions and don’t take this lightly. How will it be received? Is it on-brand? Is it correct? These are filters we always run over anything of our clients’ material and messaging that we create and publish into the marketplace.

It’s like having control over your business’s on/off switch. This is not a position you want to hand off to a junior that knows their way around socials, if you know what we mean.

We manage your reputation as if it was our own reputation.